The 2017 Christian Tweet of the Year, Opening Round

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As CS Lewis once said, “Christian Twitter is exhausting.”  It is a vast, cavernous expanse of futility where theologians prattle on endlessly about dead people while the outrage brigades climb over each other to trumpet their wokeness and strange Baptists argue and block each other.

But wait…

Out of the darkness, movement

A lone champion appears

Now several

Shining stars in the darkness, beacons of hope in this wasteland

A band of Evangelical Thought Leaders™ straggles into the clearing, each vying for the title of 2017 Christian Tweet of the Year

But it is up to you, reader.  It is up to you.


  • First, listen to Richard Clark and I explain how we got here and break down 2017’s 16 contenders:

  • Take a peek at last year’s tweets
  • Softly play “Come Into This House” by Carman in the background as you prayerfully consider how to vote

  • Vote for your favorite 4 tweets.  We will take the top vote-getters and push them into the final round, where everyone only gets 1 vote.


Opening Round

Thanks for voting!  Voskamp, Furtick, Piper, Moore, and Bolz-Weber have moved on to the final round!  Go here to vote!


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