The 2017 Christian Tweet of the Year, Final Round

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And then there were five.

After 12 months of submissions, a selection show, and a contentious opening round, we say goodbye to 11 of the final 16 contenders.

It’s been a long road, Kate Shellnutt.  Rest easy.


A few people have asked about the “snubs” we kept mentioning on the selection show, i.e., the tweets that didn’t make the final 16, but possibly should have.  Before we vote, let’s take a look at a few of them:




I wanted this tweet in the 16, I really did, but I ran out of picks.  This isn’t just theological word salad, it’s ten helpings piled onto the plate because you only paid for one trip to the word salad bar gosh dang it that analogy is awful but it sounded really good in my head anyway do you guys like Switchfoot?

Existential buffoonery at its finest.  If you’d like to know more about Josh and his glitter miracles, have Casey Haas and I got a podcast episode for you.

One day I will have to give an account of my life, and I will have to explain how Richard Clark and I let this tweet get snubbed from the final 16.  I have no answers; some things are a mystery.  Why is TobyMac so popular?  Why are there 800 different kinds of Baptists?  Time is a flat circle.


Now, for the ugly business of culling the 5 finalists down to 1 champion.  This is the last round; you can only vote once:

Final Round

Check back to monitor the results.  I’ll announce the winner on Twitter in a few days…

Thanks for voting!


UPDATE: John Piper, you are the champion!


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