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April 2017

Masturbation and the Christian

The Worst Baseball Team in the History of Everything

How to Have a Perfect Marriage

March 2017

I Gave Up Murdering People with an Ax

March Gladness: Championship

March Gladness: Final Four

March Gladness 2017: Fourth Round

March Gladness 2017: Third Round

March Gladness 2017: Second Round

February 2017

March Gladness 2017: First Round

The Shack

Christianity and Cleavage

January 2017

How to Look Righteous on Facebook: A Guide

Trump’s Inauguration

Book Review: The Erotic Baptism

December 2016

The Worst Christian Tweets of 2016

The People You Meet at Christian High School

How to Pray For Your Future Spouse

What it was Like to Be a Church Kid in 1997

November 2016

Strange Christian Websites

Which Christian Figures Would be Good at Kickball?

The Christian Election Night Party

The Christian Sutra

October 2016

The Funeral of Jack Chick

Costume Ideas for the Church Halloween Festival, vol. II

The Roast of John Piper

A Brief History of Christians and Politics

When the Homeschool Party is Lit

September 2016

Quirky CCM Videos


August 2016

Ghosts in the Hills

Baptist Erotica

July 2016

Christian Pokemon

America’s Next Top Preacher

A Think Piece of Christian Buzzwords


June 2016

The Christian Swimsuit Issue

May 2016

Song of Solomon: An Introduction

Youth Group Websites from the 90s

Donald Trump Goes to Seminary

Inside the DC Talk Cruise

Which Members of The Gospel Coalition Could I Defeat in a Fight? An Analysis

Touched By An Angel: The Next Generation

April 2016

Nipple Sin: A PrimerĀ 

Announcing My Candidacy for President of the SBC

Who Would Be the Worst Movie Jesus

A Brief History of Christians and Social Media

March 2016

The 8 Other People You Meet at Christian College

10 People You Meet at Christian College

February 2016

How to Be an Elite Father

God’s Not Dead 3: They’re Coming For Our Coffee Now

Celebrities Preaching Sermons

Butt Sin: A Compilation

A Christian Super Bowl Halftime Show

January 2016

The Peter Chronicles

Frozen for Dads

Donald Trump and John Piper Go on a Missions Trip

What if There Were a President of Christianity

An Interview with Wayne Watson

Which Bible Figure Got Freaky the Most Times?

A Response to Charisma’s 50 Reasons Why I Don’t Drink

December 2015

Christian School Mascots: A Ranking

2015: The Year of Lazy Outrage

Ask Me Anything

Exegeticals 8: For a Few Youth Pastors More

How Do Christian Parents Get Freaky? Part 2

How Do Christian Parents Get Freaky? An Examination

November 2015

The Wife of Noble Character

Christmas Gift Ideas for Christians

The Apostle: The Greatest Faith-Based Movie of All Time

If Zombies Attacked 90s Sitcoms, Who Would Survive?

Butt Sin and Dancing

90s Christian Culture in Pictures

Why is God Angry at My SEC Football Team: A Guide

Homeschool Pickup Lines

Homeschool Spring Break

October 2015

Ideas for Your Church Haunted House

Costume Ideas for the Church Halloween Festival

“Blessings,” the Christian Hooters

September 2015

The Christian’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

August 2015

Donald Trump in Church Roles

Butt Sin, Vol. 2

July 2015

The Definitive 820-Word History of Christianity

Strange Christians: Michael P. Vigilante III, the Dancing Saint

June 2015

Song of Solomon, an Introduction

The Christian Couple’s Guide to Sex and Infancy

May 2015

The Christian Couple’s Guide to Sex and Pregnancy