March Gladness 2017: The Christian Culture Tournament (Championship)

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UPDATED BRACKET (click to biggify)

Update: Voting is now closed.  We have a winner!

2017 March Gladness Champion


Well…here we are, folks.  It’s been an emotional ride.  This will be the final tournament post; check back to see who is crowned champion.


Okay, so here’s what’s already happened:

Round one
Round one podcast breakdown
Round two
Round three
Round three podcast breakdown
Round four
Final four


Before we vote, a song of reflection for the 62 competitors who have been eliminated:

Oh no, how embarrassing, that was the wrong video.  This is the correct video:

Wait, no, that’s not the right one.  It’s this one:

Rest easy, Yoga Pants.  Rest easy, James Dobson.  Rest easy, everyone.  There is no shame in March Gladness; you all fought bravely.


The Championship

Flannelgraph 124 ( 45.76 % )
Whit 147 ( 54.24 % )

There is nothing more that can be said.  At this point, you know where your allegiance lies.  Choose bravely, my children.  Choose bravely and never look back.

All-Tournament Team

Person who Voted 435 Times for Tony Campolo

You the real MVP.


Yeah, he only made it to the second round, but so what?  Carman is not bound by our linear notions of “victory” or “space and time.”  Carman is an energy force that visits our dimension only long enough to crush demons and lay velvety-smooth spoken-word stylings on top of tracks that are far too real for Christian radio to safely play on the airwaves.

Little-known fact: when early-90s pantsuited CCM siren Margaret Becker wanted to do a duet, Carman was the only male superstar who could match her raw charisma.  Their Holdin’ On video was banned by TBN for excessive sexual tension and also excessive tassels:

Nadia Bolz-Weber

She came to play.  Somewhat of an afterthought when the bracket was announced, she rallied her Twitter followers and made a surprise run to the Sanctified 16™.  It was the kind of gritty tournament performance you can build on for next year.

Josh Harris

Made a nice run into the third round.  Showed uncommon principle:

Farewell Rob Bell

A true Cinderella story.  Made it all the way to the Elect 8™.  Just great hustle.  Outperformed expectations at every level.

Russell Moore

With his dying tournament breath, he tweeted his support to his fellow Moore:

In a tournament marked by a cutthroat, win-at-all cost mentality, it was nice to see a glimpse of sportsmanship.  It’s what March Gladness is about.


Championship voting ends Thursday