As CS Lewis once said, “Christian Twitter is exhausting.”  It is a vast, cavernous expanse of futility where theologians prattle on endlessly about dead people while the outrage brigades climb over each other to trumpet their wokeness and strange Baptists argue and block each other. But wait… Out of the darkness, movement A lone champion

So this is my 2-year-old Hannah: Hannah likes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A lot. I bought her a few seasons of the original 80s TMNT cartoon.  She watches the episodes obsessively. She has a few favorite lines which she quotes around the house, such as:

I didn’t really start to fail at writing until I decided I needed to be famous. ***** Like a lot of people with above-average vocabularies, I had long felt as though I had vast, untapped potential as a writer.  Faced with the prospect of devoting years to studying and practicing the craft, I had a