This is a rough excerpt from my next ebook, which is still untitled. It takes place in 1999, at a small Christian college where I am a freshman.   ***** Before I asked Angel out, I had to take care of one important matter: securing the permission of her father, a man who worked for

Well hey there y’all! What a blessed and wonderful day to enjoy fellowship as I welcome you to my kitchen!  I feel certain that the warmness and fullness of our Father will rise up out these jars and pots and pans of clay like a heavenly yeast, baking in the oven of holy fellowship, until

A small church building on a service road off the main highway.  A congregation of 200; a ministry staff made up mostly of volunteers.  Inside the building: a faithful part-time secretary and the church pastor, screen legend HARRISON FORD. ***** The first Tuesday of the month.  Deacon’s meeting.  The stewards of the modest congregation arrive on

–The Exegeticals have been on the move for weeks.  They have tracked the mysterious figure The Shepherd and his cabal of theo-terrorists from California to Tennessee.  They have uncovered a wide-ranging conspiracy, implicating various high-profile Christian figures in the process.  Now The Exegeticals have tracked the group’s movements to South America, where The Shepherd intends to taint

–The Exegeticals are now all that stands between Christianity and the mysterious figure known as “The Shepherd,” whose sinister plot threatens to bring every church service in America to a screeching halt.   TENNESSEE HOSPITAL ROOM The Exegeticals, once again fully recovered, are plotting their next move, when suddenly– (door opens) JAMES DOBSON: Hello, boys. MARK DRISCOLL: (stomps over

  –Betrayed by their leader James Dobson, and nearly wiped out by Rick Warren, the remaining Exegeticals have gone rogue.  On the run and unsure of who to trust, they make their way to Tennessee.  Their first objective: find financial guru Dave Ramsey and discover his link to the shadowy cabal. BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE Dave Ramsey sits in

  COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO Four men walk into a dark conference room, where they have been summoned to meet a mysterious power broker in the gritty theological underworld.  Their host slowly turns to face the men. MASKED MAN: You may call me “California Jimmy.” FRANKLIN GRAHAM: Hi James. MARK DRISCOLL: Hi James. MATTHEW VINES: Hi Dr.