There is a certain madness that can engulf a father on Dad Duty.  It is a chaos.  It is a rebellion against reality itself, wherein tired children grow more refreshed with each passing hour and hungry children somehow gain strength by refusing to eat dinner.  This madness doesn’t happen all the time, or even often,

  EXEGETICALS HEADQUARTERS, UNDISCLOSED LOCATION They are Christianity’s secret agents.  They are the rear guard of the faith, and they have been summoned for an emergency meeting.  A conference room table has been prepared: there are different kinds of snacks setting out for the men, as well as different translations of the Bible laid out

A long time ago someone made a book of love languages for Christian men who had been married for so long that they had forgotten how to score with their wives.  It sold lots of copies, like probably billions or something.  Anyway, in the book there were five languages, or maybe twelve, who knows.  One was

EXEGETICALS HEADQUARTERS, UNDISCLOSED LOCATION A dimly lit conference room.  Leftover Christmas cookies on a plate on the table.  Stacks of biblical commentaries piled high in the corners of the room.  The Exegeticals have gathered for a briefing: John Piper is quietly lecturing new recruit Tim Tebow about the nuances of Amillennialism versus Premillenialism while Tebow

Probably the greatest theological tragedy in history is that the church gave up on pickup lines.  The current connotation of pickup lines is an awful thing.  Say the phrase out loud and you immediately conjure up horrid imagery of sleazeballs wandering aimlessly through a food court throwing puns at every girl they come across, in

This is a rough excerpt from my next ebook, which is still untitled. It takes place in 1999, at a small Christian college where I am a freshman.   ***** Before I asked Angel out, I had to take care of one important matter: securing the permission of her father, a man who worked for

THE PREMISE What would happen if there was a 4-team playoff of teams from popular football movies? A more detailed description is likely not necessary; you probably already know if you’re in or out based on that one sentence.  This piece will examine the teams, intangibles, and possible outcomes of such a playoff.  It will not declare a

Well hey there y’all! What a blessed and wonderful day to enjoy fellowship as I welcome you to my kitchen!  I feel certain that the warmness and fullness of our Father will rise up out these jars and pots and pans of clay like a heavenly yeast, baking in the oven of holy fellowship, until

A small church building on a service road off the main highway.  A congregation of 200; a ministry staff made up mostly of volunteers.  Inside the building: a faithful part-time secretary and the church pastor, screen legend HARRISON FORD. ***** The first Tuesday of the month.  Deacon’s meeting.  The stewards of the modest congregation arrive on