90s Christian Culture in Pictures

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Hi, I’m Matthew.  I’ve written a lot of words about Christian culture in the 90s.

This time, though, I think I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.


Just headin’ to the Christian bookstore…

meet aa 1

Talking to Audio Adrenaline, no big deal…

meet aa 2

…and getting that poster signed, trick

audio a


church quake
it was the most diverse church quake yet

CCM ads

michael w smith ad
I don’t understand–do you need a place to stay, Mikey? What happened to all that Rocketown cash?
4Him tour
wow Point of Grace didn’t even get a picture
soul tour
Dang girl, Tammy Trent looking like the Baptist Pamela Anderson in that sidebar
my utmost
Needs more Rich Mullins and Carman, IMO

dc talk ad

Real quick: this is how big DC Talk was. This is a full-page ad from their label…not to push an album, not to push a tour, not even to push merchandise. It’s a full-page ad to reference a tour that already happened. The ad doesn’t even say DC Talk, which is incredible. “Hey, it’s us. You know who we are. Thanks for buying our stuff.”

Missionary families made entirely from denim

denim missionaries

Christian School Dress Codes

chs dress code
But in the picture in the lobby Jesus had long hair

jennifer lahmayer 1
wait so are cartoon characters okay or not? [via Jennifer]
jennifer lahmayer 2
no images of rock stars huh. Guess I’m leaving my Steven Curtis Chapman shirt at home [via Jennifer]


witness card

Embarrassing things in my 1995-97 journals

the roses mean sex
my Christian alternative to The Twilight Zone strangely never took off
i am tasked
I’m tasked, fam
third day powerful
CCM just wasn’t ready for my wall-breaking compositions

1990 Christian Homeschool Yearbook

harvest festival 1990
hey girl, this your first Harvest Festival?
homeschool hunks
and no babe was safe
denim stumbling block
and on the 8th day God created a denim stumbling block
pat cochran
swag for days
homeschool mommas
denim girl
your jacket is made from Mom Jeans and also will you please marry me immediately
charm class
yo, I think that girl with the Kimmy Gibbler hair might have been photoshopped in, just sayin