Antinomian a Christian college sophomore sitting in a campus coffee shop desperately quoting Scripture over the phone to her mother, trying to convince her that it’s okay to smoke marijuana, because grace, or something Alcohol a substance that some Christians pretend is sinful so that they can make themselves feel holy Arminianism a school of theology

A long time ago, some Pharisees got together and decided that they would make up a bunch of rules to make themselves feel extra holy.  There were already rules about what was holy, but as long as the Pharisees were the ones making up the extra rules, they would be the only ones who could

They are Christianity’s last line of defense. They operate off the grid. If you have a theological emergency, and no one else will help, call…   EXEGETICALS HEADQUARTERS, UNDISCLOSED LOCATION JOHN PIPER: Gentlemen, Dr. Dobson has provided me with our next mission: An urgent, global threat to the very existence of the church itself, one that

So this is my 2-year-old Hannah: Hannah likes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A lot. I bought her a few seasons of the original 80s TMNT cartoon.  She watches the episodes obsessively. She has a few favorite lines which she quotes around the house, such as:

It is 2:00am and this is what is on my mind: could you construct a church using the characters of Boy Meets World? Let’s see if I can do this quickly: Cory & Topanga,  Children’s Ministers It takes a certain kind of male to successfully pull off children’s ministry, and Cory is that male.  He

There is a certain madness that can engulf a father on Dad Duty.  It is a chaos.  It is a rebellion against reality itself, wherein tired children grow more refreshed with each passing hour and hungry children somehow gain strength by refusing to eat dinner.  This madness doesn’t happen all the time, or even often,

  EXEGETICALS HEADQUARTERS, UNDISCLOSED LOCATION They are Christianity’s secret agents.  They are the rear guard of the faith, and they have been summoned for an emergency meeting.  A conference room table has been prepared: there are different kinds of snacks setting out for the men, as well as different translations of the Bible laid out

A long time ago someone made a book of love languages for Christian men who had been married for so long that they had forgotten how to score with their wives.  It sold lots of copies, like probably billions or something.  Anyway, in the book there were five languages, or maybe twelve, who knows.  One was